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13 Mar, 2022

5 Super Effective Tips for Teeth Cleaning

When someone mentions teeth cleaning, where does your mind go? Do you think of the twice-yearly cleaning you receive at the dentist, your daily routine of brushing, or maybe a movie star smile you’ve only dreamed of having?

The truth is, teeth cleaning encompasses all of those things and then some. Sure, properly caring for your teeth can make them appear shiny and white, but it can also benefit the health of not only your mouth, but of your entire body.

As such, knowing the proper techniques to keep your teeth happy and healthy is extremely important. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation on exactly how to care for your teeth. From gimmicky products to life simply getting in the way, our teeth are neglected all too often.

That’s why we’ve put together a few of the top tips for teeth cleaning-to help you maintain not only the aesthetic beauty of your teeth, but also the underlying health that is so important to your whole body. So, read on to discover some simple, helpful ways of keeping your teeth nice and clean.


Everyone knows that they should brush their teeth, but when it comes to the specifics there is often some confusion. How long should you brush? How much pressure should you exert? Is there a right time of day to brush?

The answers to these questions seem like they should be common knowledge, but they rarely are.

As a general rule, you should brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each session. The ideal times to establish this ritual are immediately upon waking and right before going to bed. Easy enough, right?

As for the physical effort that should go into brushing, keep it minimal! Make sure you brush all areas thoroughly-perhaps by establishing a system for yourself-and think about massaging the teeth and gums, not scrubbing them. Brushing too hard can wear down enamel and cause issues in the long run.

Finally, avoid rinsing with water after brushing. While common, this practice actually prevents the ingredients in the toothpaste from performing to their potential. Simply spit out the excess and go about your day!


We’re not trying to be dramatic, but certain substances love to negatively impact your pearly whites. Foods with high levels of sugar and phosphorous can be damaging to teeth, as can certain substances like tobacco.

It’s well-known that sugar is the sworn enemy of healthy teeth, yet it can be found in most of our favorite foods and beverages. From your afternoon soda to that doughnut your coworker offered you, sugar shows up far too often in our diets, resulting in discolored teeth. Unchecked sugar consumption can even lead to tooth decay, causing substantial long-term damage to the appearance and health of your mouth.

Other drinks, like coffee and alcohol, can wear away at the teeth due to their acidity and tendency to dry the mouth out, creating a perfect environment for bacteria growth. We’d never suggest you entirely cut good things out of your life, so just practice moderation and make sure you drink plenty of water!


While some foods have a tremendous negative impact on the health and appearance of your teeth, others actually benefit your teeth as you eat. Isn’t that the dream? To eat something that helps your health?

Detergent foods are exactly what they sound-foods that clean as they’re eaten. While many foods fall into this category, most have a few traits that can help identify them. For example, most detergent foods are fibrous and crisp, which contributes to their ability to scrub away food debris.

Beyond acting as nature’s toothbrush, detergent foods often inspire saliva production to pick up, allowing the mouth the cleanse itself more effectively. Not only does this help flush away bacteria, it also aids in returning the mouth to its ideal pH level!


As great as it would be to spend 97 cents on a toothbrush that will last you a lifetime, it’s extremely important to replace your toothbrush every three to four months. The reason is pretty obvious, but easily overlooked-bacteria.

Your toothbrush works well to remove bad bacteria and buildup from your teeth, but it does not do so without consequence. Over time, it will pick up bacteria and no longer be an effective cleaning tool. It may be gross, but using an old toothbrush is kind of like rubbing toothbrush bacteria onto tooth bacteria-pretty nasty!


The dentist can be an uncomfortable place. Most of us have memories of going through less-than-pleasant procedures at the dentist, which doesn’t make returning to the office something we look forward to.

It doesn’t help that cleaning have traditionally been abrasive in one way or another. With changes to dental technology and practices, however, that unpleasantness has been largely dispelled. Instead, most dental practices are welcoming and provide a rather inconspicuous experience.

So, no matter what your feelings about the dentist are, be sure to visit at least twice a year for routine cleaning. The dentist can provide a much more thorough cleaning than you could achieve on your own, which is important for removing hard-to-reach bacteria, preemptively dealing with any buildup, and making sure there are no health issues.

If you do suffer from anxiety associated with going to the dentist, be upfront with them. The vast majority of practices are happy to make accommodations that will make your experience as pleasant as possible!


If you’ve ever had a toothache or other tooth-related issue, you know that what happens in the mouth can affect the entire body. As such, it’s vital to keep your teeth not only aesthetically-pleasing, but as healthy as possible.

While this list is a good starting point, more information is always helpful. Feel free to visit Smile Bright White for more tooth-related knowledge. We’re happy to help in anyway we can!

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