18 Mar, 2022

Klarna Payments

We have partnered with Klarna, a leading buy-now-pay-later provider to offer you more payment options when checking out. Select Klarna at checkout to buy now, pay later, and split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments so you can spread the cost of your purchase over ti…

13 Mar, 2022

Fresh Breath Hacks for Your Next Hot Date

There are a few things that you absolutely want to avoid when on a date. Returning from the restroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Spilling curry on your favorite shirt. Leaving your wallet at home. Having your breath smell like you ate roadkill, then caught the flu.Fortunately, th…

13 Mar, 2022

Dental Hygiene Hacks Everyone Must Know

Whether on a date, giving a presentation at the office, or simply enjoying the company of friends and acquaintances, everyone wants to feel the confidence to flash a smile they can proud of. Smiles are, after all, how we express happiness, affirm others, and show appreciation.All too often…

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