Teeth Whitening - Is It Worth It?

We Think So, Here’s Why

If you’re, for the first time ever, considered the possibility of whitening your teeth, know that you’re not alone! So many people in our modern era are concerned with their pearly whites (or yellows) and are interested in making dramatic (and positive) changes to the color of their smile.

Whether you’re a stickler for oral hygiene, want to make a stellar first impression on a lovely lady or gentleman in your life, or simply just want to gain key confidence you feel like you’re missing out on, teeth whitening can work wonders for you.

Remember how we mentioned that you’re not the only person out there considering whitening your teeth? We weren’t kidding.

About 80 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 49 want whiter teeth, and about 6 out of 10 of these people think that a whiter, brighter smile would help to boost their self-confidence. This especially resonates with the age groups between 18-24.

The reality of oral hygiene is that sometimes, no matter how well we care for our teeth, they become yellowed or discolored. This can be due to the foods we eat, the beverages we drink, aging, tobacco use, and more. That’s where teeth whitening can really come in handy.

If you’re skeptical about whitening your teeth for the first time or catch yourself feeling unsure, know that’s okay! New things are always a little nerve-wracking, and at Smile Bright White, we totally get that. That’s why we’ve put together this awesome list of why we believe that whitening your teeth is a stellar choice.

Check it out!

Confidence Is Key

A winning, dazzling smile can move mountains.

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it’s no hyperbole to say that a bright, clean, and white smile can easily have huge effects on your self-confidence. No matter how healthy your mouth is, the reality is that sometimes, you’re going to deal with discoloration, and it’s only natural to be a little embarrassed by yellowed or stained teeth.

You shouldn’t duck through life with your beautiful smile hidden behind your lips – those chompers deserve to be seen! Whitening your teeth can get rid of those troublesome stains, brighten up your smile, and give you the self-confidence and boost in self-esteem to smile the whole day through. A brighter, whiter smile is often associated with people who care a bit more about their appearance, as well, giving you the look of a person who takes good care of their oral hygiene.

By whitening your teeth, you can show the world your dazzling, stunner of a smile and be proud of your pearly whites. You know the old saying, if you look good, you feel good, so isn’t it about time to start feeling confident in your smile?  

It Keeps You Looking Youthful

Our teeth, just like our skin, hair, and more, age.

We know, we know. As much as we hate it, it’s a fact of life. We all get older, and our teeth age along with us. Because of this natural process, our teeth can sometimes start to yellow, stain, and discolor, which, unfortunately, can tend to make our teeth look even older than they are. This can make us feel even older than we are! And honestly, who wants that?

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest, least expensive, and most proactive ways you can keep your teeth looking youthful, healthy, and clean. You make other efforts to stay youthful and healthy, right? You exercise. You eat right. You have a skin care routine that keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Teeth whitening is no different.

For folks who are on-top-of keeping a fresh, youthful appearance, teeth whitening is a natural, healthy, and normal step to take!

It's Pain-Free and Surgery Free

Consider other cosmetic improvement procedures for a minute. Any come to mind? Likely, you’re thinking about things like plastic surgery, skin care procedures, and more. These procedures are fine and dandy for folks who want to drop serious cash and spend time under the knife. If you’re looking for a quick, pain-free, and typically-affordable treatment to improve your appearance, boost your confidence, and keep you looking youthful, you really can’t get a more convenient, fitting treatment than teeth whitening. There are so many safe, pain-free options for teeth whitening – it’s an easy, effective, and excellent way to improve your smile!

Dazzling, Bright Smiles Show That You Care About Your Oral Hygiene

Maybe you already care a ton about your oral hygiene.

Maybe you’re up-to-date on all your dentist appointments, never miss a teeth cleaning, floss regularly, and have your brushing routine down to a science. Sometimes, though, all of this can still result in yellowing teeth. If it matters to you that people knowyou care about your oral hygiene, then sometimes whitening your teeth can be the perfect way to showcase this.

A beautiful, bright, and pearly white smile is always a dead giveaway that you’re giving your teeth the attention they deserve.

Reverses Everyday Staining

You drink coffee, right? (Hey, we do every day and we’re all about oral hygiene, don’t be embarrassed to admit it to us). How about soda? Wine? Any other acidic, staining foods or beverages?

If you do, that’s okay! Life is about enjoying ourselves and often, that warm, foamy latte in the morning is the perfect way to do just that. What’s even better? You don’t have to sacrifice a dazzling smile to do it.

With teeth whitening, you can drink coffee, soda, wine, and more without having to worry about staining. While it’s certainly not recommended to do this all the time (it affects the overall health of your teeth, not just the color), teeth whitening procedures can take care of the staining that might occur because of it!

Teeth whitening is even helpful for folks who smoke that want to quit smoking. As you know, tobacco can really stain your teeth, and if you’re on the path to quitting smoking, a tooth whitening treatment could be just the boost to push you over the hump. Why would you want to immediately stain your gorgeous white teeth?

Our Final Thoughts On Teeth Whitening

There are hundreds of reasons out there to whiten your teeth, but what really matters is what you think! Have questions about whitening your teeth? Want a better idea about the process, how to whiten your teeth, or how we can help you? Check out Smile Bright White for more tooth-related knowledge as well as tips, tricks, and advice for your oral hygiene and health!