13 Mar, 2022

Fresh Breath Hacks for Your Next Hot Date

There are a few things that you absolutely want to avoid when on a date. Returning from the restroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Spilling curry on your favorite shirt. Leaving your wallet at home. Having your breath smell like you ate roadkill, then caught the flu.

Fortunately, these can all be avoided, especially the last one. In fact, there are a few key tricks to try and things to avoid that can keep your breath fresh and your date hot. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of fresh breath hacks for your next hot date—to ensure your breath is not your downfall.

So, without further ado, we present you with some must-have breath-based knowledge. You’re welcome.

1. Drink WaterWhether you’re meeting for conversational bonding over delicious lattes at your favorite coffee spot or grabbing a locally-crafted beer at the latest brewery to open downtown, your breath will face a dangerous enemy. Coffee and alcohol are both fresh breath killers.

We’re strong believers in living your best life, though; so, we’re not going to recommend you stop drinking such delicious beverages altogether. Instead, simply drink water!

Drinking water works on two levels to aid your breath in staying fresh. It prevents your mouth from becoming dry and dehydrated—the perfect environment for smell-inducing bacteria to take hold—and rinses your mouth of such bacteria. This twofold benefit makes sipping water between swigs of coffee or alcohol a must!

2. Avoid Breath-Killing FoodsGarlic isn’t just for keeping vampires at bay, it can also discourage your date from getting any closer to you. Look at the bright side, though; if your date is a vampire, eating garlic is a win-win!

Seriously though, foods that include garlic, onion, or lean toward the spicy end of the spectrum may taste delicious, but they’ll leave your date more cold than warm—lukewarm at best. As such, try to avoid such foods, even if they’re your cheat day weakness.

The worst part of this delectable food dilemma is that the odors cannot be eliminated by brushing or using mouthwash. The bad-breath-causing compounds found in these foods are actually absorbed into the bloodstream, making it impossible to completely mask the odors.

3. Keep Your Mouth ClosedNo, this isn’t a less-than-subtle suggestion that you let your date do the talking; it’s actually a recommendation for how to sleep. That’s right! How you sleep can actually dramatically impact how your breath smells in the morning.

Sleeping with your mouth open causes dryness—the perfect environment for bacteria to flourish. While this can be a difficult thing to fix if you naturally breathe through your mouth while sleeping, correcting it over time by breathing through your nose can drastically reduce poor morning breath.

This tip is only as effective as your preparation, though. Always make sure your teeth, gums, and tongue are as clean as possible before heading to bed. In other words, don’t skip your nightly brushing just because you had a fantastic date!

4. Smell Your FlossWe’ll be honest—this fresh breath hack sounds pretty gross. It is, however, extremely effective in helping to determine the state of your breath.

While the old “breathe into your cupped hands and take a whiff” method is probably the most common technique for checking the smell level of your breath, it is ineffective. Floss picks up debris and bacteria when used properly, which makes it a far more accurate tool for measuring your breath’s gag factor.

So, if your floss stinks or has blood on it, try some fresh breath techniques until your floss smells of just floss. Consider it the measuring stick to the fresh breath competition—if it returns minty, keep it as a trophy. Or don’t, that’s a little weird.

5. Chew Some GumSure, maybe this is more of a tip than a hack—everyone knows that chewing gum can help dispel bad breath—but choosing the right gum is a bit more difficult than you might think.

First things first, always choose a sugarless gum. Sugar can actually compound your bad breath problem, not to mention cause tooth decay in the long run. There are different types of sugarless sweeteners, though, which can make choosing the best option confusing.

Look for gum that is sweetened with xylitol, a natural sweetener that actually provides many dental benefits. Xylitol actually increases saliva production, helping the mouth naturally cleanse itself, and aids in the reduction of bad breath inducing bacteria.

Not only will chewing such gym provide temporary reprieve from smelly exhales, it can encourage positive dental hygiene in the long run. Basically, it’s a win-win for your mouth!

6. Keep Your Tongue CleanDon’t worry, this isn’t a lecture about keeping your language PG-rated. No, this is more literal than that—you should actually brush your tongue!

Your tongue is a great place for bacteria to set up camp and spoil your breath. By brushing your tongue whenever you brush your teeth, you’ll eliminate any bacteria buildup, purifying your breath for your big night.

Take special care to brush gently—you don’t want to scrub your tongue raw or damage your taste buds—but you can use any old toothbrush; no need for fancy gimmicks here. Your date will appreciate the extra effort, and so should you! After all, your mouth will feel fresh, your confidence will be high, and your date will be happy.

Our Final ThoughtsFresh breath is extremely important, especially on a date. Thankfully, it’s easy to maintain once you know a few key hacks to incorporate into your routine.

So, next time you head out to meet your current romantic interest, be sure to arm yourself with an arsenal of fresh breath hacks. From preparation to damage control, these tips are sure to come in handy, no matter how the night progresses.

If these tricks help you out, feel free to check out Smile Bright White for other hacks. From fresh breath to a stunning smile, nothing makes a positive impression like stellar dental hygiene!

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