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Teeth Whitening Gel Refill Pack

Keep your love of coffee and red wine and still have a beautiful white smile. Look younger and smile with total confidence as your teeth stains\ disappear from...

Keep your love of coffee and red wine but still maintain a beautiful white smile. Easily reverse years of teeth stains, without sensitivity and keep smiling and laughing confidently.

Stains will start to fade from your very first treatment so you can say goodbye to dull and yellow stains!

Nothing spoils your appearance more than yellow stained teeth.

Others notice your smile more than anything else so it makes sense to make it look great.

Reverse years of staining using our simple to use at-home whitening solution. Sit and relax while our gel transforms your appearance and boosts your confidence.

Order your gel pack today, risk free with our 90 day purchase guarantee.

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What's Included

Each pack of Teeth Whitening Gel refills will transform stained teeth multiple shades whiter. Safe and effective, you can use your own existing mouthpiece or our kit blue LED activator mouthpiece. Your purchase comes with:

✔️ 4 x 3ml syringes of dental-approved 6% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel with proprietary desensitising formula, specifically formulated for sensitive teeth. We listened to your suggestions and increased the amount of gel for an improved whitening experience.

✔️ Enough gel for at least twelve complete top-and-bottom full treatment applications. Your unsightly teeth stains will soon be a distant memory.

The gel pack is your best option for keeping your smile beautiful with maintenance whitening, even for the addicted coffee drinker, red wine connoisseur or lover of curries.

We recommend you top-up your whitening with maintenance as required, which is typically once or twice a year, depending upon your lifestyle.

Your best smile is only one click away. Order your dazzling new look today, risk free with our 90 day purchase guarantee.

How To Use

Simply apply a line of whitening gel on the front walls of your mouthpiece, where your teeth contact your tray. Whitening will occur in areas were gel contacts your teeth.

Do not use excessive amounts of gel, that it comes in contact with your gums, as this can cause irritation for some users.

Each whitening session should be for no more than 30 minutes.

Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and away from high heat.

Real People. Real Results.

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Teeth Whitening Gel Refill Pack

Teeth Whitening Gel Refill Pack


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