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Ultimate Teeth Whitening Bundle

We all want to look amazing, especially when smiling and laughing in front of others. Nothing spoils your appearance more than yellow teeth stains. Our safe easy solution...

Imagine the feeling you and your friend will have, smiling with beautiful white teeth. Our ultimate whitening bundle will make you look great and feel confident again.

Everyone wants to look amazing, especially when smiling and laughing in front of others. Nothing spoils your appearance more than yellow stains on your teeth.

You can easily make your teeth stains vanish and stay away longer, with our professional at-home teeth whitening kits and gels. It's safe, effective and great value.

Your best investment in your appearance, is one in your teeth! Others remember your smile more than anything else. Make yours clean and white.

Sit at home and relax while our kit transforms your appearance, sensitive-free and boosts your confidence.

It's easy, great for sensitive teeth and risk-free with our 90 day purchase guarantee.

Order your bundle's time to love your smile again.

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What's Included

Each Ultimate Whitening Bundle comes with two Professional Teeth Whitening Kits and two Whitening Gel Refill packs.

This is our ultimate whitening and smile maintenance bundle for a reason! It represents the best value for two people. You and your best friend will each receive the following.

✔️ 8 x 3ml syringes of premium dentist-approved teeth whitening gel perfect for sensitive teeth use. That's enough gel for 24 full applications! For the average user, this is typically enough gel for you to smile with confidence for up to 12 months.

✔️ Blue LED light whitening activator incorporating an ergonomic designed comfort mouthpiece. It's removable and easily washable for fast use.

✔️ Rechargeable wireless light base for fast convenient any-time whitening. Take it with you any where.

✔️ USB-C cable for fast charging the light base from any device.

✔️ Tooth shade guide card for comparing and monitoring your change progress.

✔️ Instruction card for simple step-by-step whitening ensuring you get the maximum your results and stay smiling.

Your best smile is one click away. Purchase your new look today, risk free with our 90 day purchase guarantee.

Real People. Real Results.

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Ultimate Teeth Whitening Bundle

Ultimate Teeth Whitening Bundle


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